Keep It Cor with Carbon County, Utah

Location: Carbon County, Utah
Audience Expansion, Paid Media Strategy, Tourism Boosts

The Challenge

Position Carbon Corridor as the Perfect Year-Round Tourist Destination


Carbon County, located midway between Salt Lake City and Moab, forms the picturesque Carbon Corridor, offering easy access to the renowned San Rafael Swell in Emery County. This diverse region serves as an ideal home base or a convenient stop, appealing to a broad range of interests. Carbon County envisions a transformed landscape, with tourism emerging as a key industry that capitalizes on its rich history. The focus is on offering attractive downtown experiences, access to outdoor wonders, prehistoric adventures, and updated camping and lodging options. This strategic development aims to shift Carbon County from a mere pass-through to a vibrant basecamp destination.

The Positioning

Carbon County is the home base for an adventure-packed trip, being so close to many historical points, National/State Parks, and the unique offerings of our rural historic towns. To ignite a passion for cultural exploration/curiosity in the American Southwest.

The Solution

We aimed to differentiate Carbon County by focusing on the emotional reasons behind travel, highlighting the visitor’s experiences and feelings alongside showcasing its assets, rather than solely emphasizing what it offers.

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