Our First Client: Center For Children

Location: Grand Junction, Colorado
Community Education

The Ask

Transforming Stigma into Strength: Rebranding the Center for Children


The Center for Children, in Grand Junction Colorado, is an advocacy center for sexually assaulted children to offer a full suite of services post report of a case. Previously known for its dark and heavy brand, they approached Colvita Creative seeking a transformative rebranding initiative. The organization aimed to shift its image from one associated with trauma to a beacon of hope and resilience for survivors of sexual assault and the community at large. With a mission to provide resources and support for healing, the Center for Children sought to inspire optimism and pave the way for a brighter future for youth and their parents.

The Solution

Audience-Centric Approach:

Colvita Creative conducted in-depth audience research to understand the mindset and needs of survivors of sexual assault, community partners, and the broader community. This insight guided the development of a rebranding strategy centered on themes of hope, resilience, and empowerment.

Hope-Centric Storytelling:

Departing from the somber tone of traditional approaches, the rebranding campaign focused on portraying survivors and the community as agents of hope and change. Real stories of resilience and recovery were highlighted, showcasing the strength and courage of survivors and their supporters.

Empowerment Messaging:

Instead of dwelling on past trauma, the campaign emphasized empowerment and resilience. Messages conveyed the message that healing is possible and that survivors have the strength to overcome adversity with the right support and resources.

Uplifting Imagery:

The rebranding campaign incorporated uplifting and positive imagery that conveyed a sense of hope and optimism. Vibrant colors, imagery of growth and renewal, and representations of community support were used to inspire positivity and instill confidence in the organization’s mission.

Engagement Strategies:

To foster community engagement and support, the rebranding campaign utilized a variety of channels, including social media, community events, awareness ads, and partnerships with local organizations. Interactive elements, such as survivor testimonials and community outreach initiatives, were integrated to encourage participation and involvement.

The Outcome

Increased Community Engagement & Support:

The rebranding campaign saw a significant increase in community engagement and support. Survivors and community members actively participated in discussions, shared their stories of resilience, and rallied behind the organization’s mission.

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